Developing our RCP4 Proposal

We submitted our regulatory control period 4 proposal, covering the period 2025 to 2030, to the Commerce Commission on 21 November 2023.  

Independent Verification

From March 2023, our proposal was reviewed by an Independent Verifier. The Verifier’s role was to evaluate whether Transpower’s proposed services measures, proposed capital expenditure, proposed operating expenditure, and key assumptions are consistent with the efficient costs of a prudent supplier.  The Verifier’s report was finalised on 12 September and they subsequently completed workshops with stakeholders reporting back on their evaluation.

Engagement with customers and interested stakeholders

As part of preparing our RCP4 proposal, we engaged with our customers and interested stakeholders on services we deliver, and how we deliver them, into the future, consulting on key outcomes we intend to deliver to customers from 2025: 

  • Reliable and safe network (at service levels customers are willing to pay for) 
  • Resilient network 
  • Environmentally sustainable network 
  • Enabling electrification and connecting new renewables. 

We have engaged on a range of topics prior to issuing our draft RCP4 plan. The dates of these engagements and summary of submissions are below:

Service Measures

Asset management

9 June 2022 – Webinar

Material portfolios & Base Capex E&D

4 Aug 2022 – Webinar

Consultation on draft RCP4 Plan

We issued our draft RCP4 plan on 30 September 2022 and welcomed submissions until 31 October 2022. This allowed us to incorporate customers’ feedback into our planning before it was reviewed by the Verifier.


If you have any questions or would like to contact us about RCP4 please email [email protected]

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