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Connecting Generation to the New Zealand Power System

A Generation Connection Guide is available to help applicants understand the process for engaging with Transpower when connecting to the New Zealand power system, at both Grid and Distribution levels. 

For further information about connecting new generation to the New Zealand power system email the Customer Solutions Team.

Generation Connection Guide [ pdf 1.62 MB ]

System Operator Companion Guide for Commissioning Generation

We have published a Companion Guide for Commissioning Generation to aid existing and new Asset Owners alike  understand the process they will need to follow with the System Operator to enable the successful development and agreement of a commissioning plan for generation greater than 1 MW in size.

The Companion Guide provides guidance on the typical activities that need to be considered when planning for, commissioning and testing or decommissioning generation, and the minimum lead times for critical tasks.  This guideline along with other key documents are listed in the table below for quick reference.

For further information about any of the documents listed below email

Name/Link Description
GL-EA-404 Companion Guide for Commissioning and Decommissioning Generation [ pdf 1.99 MB ] As outlined above
Summary of System Operator Interactions [ pdf 174.27 KB ] A guide to help existing and new Asset Owners to understand when to interact with the System Operator during the life of their project, feasibility stage through to commissioning.
GL-EA-953 Connection study guide for connecting new generating station [ pdf 1.04 MB ] A guide to help existing and new Asset Owners understand the technical studies needed to demonstrate Asset Owner Performance Obligations to the satisfaction of the System Operator. This in turn will streamline the agreement of the required commissioning plan.
FM-EA-006 Notice of Intention to Connect [ docx 64.34 KB ] Intention to connect registration form which needs to be completed by the Asset Owner of any new generators or energy storage systems, they plan to connect with a maximum capacity of 1 MW or greater.
DT-EA-338 Synchronising Commissioning Plan [ docx 177.58 KB ] A template for a Commissioning plan, which will need to be completed and agreed with the System Operator as part of commissioning.
DT-EA-421 Generator Commissioning Memorandum of Understanding [ dotx 132.39 KB ] A template for a Memorandum of Understanding to complete and agree with the System Operator which sets key principles and identifies communications paths to help make the construction and commissioning of new generation a success.

Interim Operational Guideline for Connection of New Generation Technology

We have published an Interim Guideline for Connection of New Generation Technology to provide guidance to expedite the entry of Grid and Distribution network connected new generating technologies into the power system and wholesale market.

The document sets out the key considerations and obligations when connecting new generation technology to the power system such as engagement with the System Operator and Grid Owner, registration as a participant, metering and operational communication requirements.

This document has been prepared based on the current arrangements and obligations in the Electricity Industry Participation Code, which is subject to review by the Electricity Authority. This document assumes asset owners are familiar with the other Transpower supporting documentation and guidelines, including the Generation Connection Guide [ pdf 468.68 KB ] and the Companion Guide for Commissioning Generation.

Name/Link Description
GL-EA-789 Interim Operational Guideline for Connection of New Generation Technolog [ pdf 419.57 KB ]y Interim guidance regarding the connection to the power system and the wholesale market for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and/or solar farms.
How can Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) be used for Instantaneous Reserve today [ pdf 90.35 KB ] (Updated 23 Dec 2020) A short note on the role of BESS as instantaneous reserve.

Standard Site Codes

Across the industry we use a set of standard site names and three letter codes, these codes are managed for the industry by Transpower.

Name/Link Description
Standard Site Abbreviations Spreadsheet [ xlsx 263.15 KB ] Electricity system register of assets
Form for requesting new/change to site code [ docx 51.05 KB ] Request form to amend above register.

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