Generation Connection & Dispatch

A Generation Connection Guide is available to help applicants understand their obligations when connecting to the New Zealand power system.

For further information about connecting new generation to the New Zealand power system email the Manager Customer Solutions (Nicki Sutherland

For more detailed information on commissioning see Companion Guide for Commissioning Generation below.

Generation Connection Guide [ pdf 729.74 KB ]

Connecting an Energy Source to the Power System

All energy sources, (generators and energy storage systems)  are required to notify the System Operator if they plan to connect a  unit with rated net maximum capacity of 1 MW or greater. Please refer to the Offer and Bid Setup page.

FM-EA-006 Notice of Intention to Connect [ docx 62.38 KB ]

Companion Guide for Commissioning Generation

We have published a Companion Guide for Commissioning Generation to assist in identifying all the activities that need to be considered when connecting new generation, and a Memorandum of Understanding to set guiding principles between Asset Owners and Transpower when preparing to build new generation.

The Companion Guide provides guidance on the typical activities that need to be considered when commissioning and testing or decommissioning generation, and the minimum lead times for critical tasks. Additional reference documents are being developed and will be added to this page as they are completed.

The Memorandum of Understanding sets key principles and identifies communications paths to help make the construction and commissioning of new generation a success.

GL-EA-404 Companion Guide for Commissioning and Decommissioning Generation [ pdf 1.99 MB ]
Generator Commissioning Memorandum of Understanding [ pdf 453.85 KB ]

Standard Site Codes

Across the industry we use a set of standard site names and three letter codes, these codes are managed for the industry by Transpower.

Standard Site Abbreviations Spreadsheet [ xlsx 454.13 KB ]
Form for requesting new/change to site code [ docx 51.05 KB ]

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