Meet our graduates

Some of our recent graduates share their stories about working for us.

Louisa Howse


I was originally worried that Transpower would not consider me for the graduate programme because I did not complete a traditional engineering degree. Instead, Transpower presented me with a long list of options of placements where I could use my skills! To be honest, the hardest part of the graduate programme is choosing which area you want to work in because there are so many good opportunities.

I now work in the Market Operations team at Transpower. Our team supports the operation of the wholesale electricity market, helps implement market initiatives and investigates how future market developments may impact system operations.

I work closely with colleagues on a range of daily tasks, including solving market infeasibilities, updating the market model, answering queries from market participants, compliance reporting and security of supply analysis. The electricity market structure is a really complex optimisation algorithm, which touches on some concepts I learned at university.

Most of the tasks I do are team orientated. I spend a lot of my time creating PowerBI dashboards to visualise data and use python to perform various analyses. One example is maintaining the python code, which is part of our annual security of supply assessment. This assessment provides a ten-year view of the balance between supply and demand in the New Zealand electricity system. I am also involved with the real-time pricing project at Transpower, working with very large datasets in python. The purpose of the real-time pricing project is to publish accurate and reliable spot prices for energy during or immediately after the end of each trading period. The current indicative spot prices are determined in the wholesale electricity market and are not finalised until at least two days after the trading period.

Jordan Witehira 


As a University student I researched various Graduate Programmes in different industries, and found Transpower’s programme to be very unique and interesting.

As a Mechanical Engineer I enjoy building, creating and designing big things. At the time I thought "What's a bigger thing than New Zealand's national power grid?" So, in early 2019, I started the graduate programme.

Since then I have lived in 5 different cities, both North and South, and have been fortunate to travel around New Zealand while working - seeing new landscapes along the way.

My work is definitely interesting. I have been involved in designing power supply plans for local iwi, investigating public electrical risks across the entire national grid, and upgrading power lines in the South Island to enable sufficient transmission to the North Island. 

I have gained experience in Project Management, which has taught me the importance of money, time, forecasting, and communication between different parties, and Tactical Engineering where I’ve learned how to work within a large engineering team. The team ranges from ex-Graduates to Senior Principal Engineers and everyone is happy to share their knowledge and experience with me. Our Engineering Consultants have taught me the value of responsibility and ownership over my own technical work.

Now, with my Graduate programme coming to an end, I am on a career path that I know I’ll be happy with. There are many directions that I can pursue in the Power industry, both now and in the future, and I know that all of them will allow me to develop and grow professionally.

From my experience, if you're looking to make a difference - somewhere, somehow - Transpower does this well with New Zealand's best interest in mind.

Anna Lu


I joined Transpower in 2012 as a Graduate Electrical Engineer. It was great to start my career with such a good company that has excellent values, fantastic culture and awesome people to work with.

As a young graduate, I was eager to find out about the different opportunities offered by the power system industry. How would I learn and develop in a working environment? Where would my career take me? How would I use the knowledge and skills I obtained at university to give back to our communities? Transpower’s graduate programme helped me find those answers.

After the graduate programme, I took a permanent position as an Operations Planning Engineer, and completed my master’s degree while I was working full-time. The various work opportunities offered at Transpower helped me to develop the skills and competencies needed to achieve many of my career goals.

I’m now a Senior Engineer and involved in coaching and mentoring others which enables me to give back to other engineers and society.

I highly recommend Transpower to anyone who cares about a sustainable net zero carbon future and is looking to join the industry. Transpower is one large collaborative team working for New Zealand, and adds value to the sustainable development of Aotearoa and our world.