Manual load shedding

Manual Load Shedding is the final step in a process that begins, where possible, with the us communicating with the distributors regarding an impending or current Grid Emergency and the likely demand reductions required.

The Electricity Industry Participation Code (the Code) requires each distributor to maintain an up to date process for the disconnection of demand for points of connection, which has agreement of both the Grid Owner and System Operator.

A template of the Distributor Manual Demand Disconnection Process is available for use by distributors.

If our template is used by the distributor for manual load shedding, the Code requirements are met and the distributor is only required to submit the information as requested in the Distributor Demand Shedding Data Sheet available below.

If the distributor chooses to use a different process for manual load shedding then the System Operator will need to:

  • assess the documents for suitability and accuracy
  • request Grid Owner Approval for the MLS and process
  • confirm approval from both the Grid Owner and System Operator by letter to the distributor.

If distributors do not have a letter confirming agreement to Manual Load Shedding Schedules at their points of connection, they are requested to submit their MLS details in the format above.

All manual load shedding data is to be sent to [email protected].