Rolling outage plans

In planning for a shortage of supply, we have prepared and published a rolling outage plan. 

Early 2016, through industry consultation, the System Operator updated the rolling outage plan and gained Electricity Authority approval in May 2016.  The updated System Operator Rolling Outage Plan SOROP is effective from 19th June 2016.

The document below is the approved System Operator Rolling Outage Plan effective 19th June 2016.

Updating your rolling outage plans

Rolling outage plans must be kept up to date and updated plans must be sent to the system operator for approval. In any event rolling outage plans must be re-submitted to the system operator for approval not later than two years after they were last approved.

Participants who have an approved rolling outage plan should forward their amended plans to the email address [email protected]. After receiving your revised outage plan, we will be in touch to work through the approval process.

The following document provides additional guidance for participants when updating their rolling outage plans:

Approved Rolling Outage Plans

Below are links to approved participant rolling outage plans.

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