Variable line rating information

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Transpower uses variable line ratings on 13 key circuits around New Zealand. The circuits are listed in the following table.


North Island

South Island

Atiamuri-Ohakuri-1 (ATI-OHK-1)

Glenavy-Oamaru-2 (GNY-OAM-2)

Ohakuri-Wairakei-1 (OHK-WRK-1) 

Blackpoint Tee-Oamaru-1 (BPC-OAM-1)

Otahuhu-Whakamaru-1 (OTA-WKM-1)


Otahuhu-Whakamaru-2 (OTA-WKM-2)


Lichfied-Tarukenga 1 (LFD-TRK-1)


Lichfied-Tarukenga 2 (LFD-TRK-2)


Kinleith-Lichfield 1 (KIN-LFD-1)


Kinleith-Lichfield 2 (KIN-LFD-2)


Atiamuri-Whakamaru 1 (ATI-WKM-1)


Kawerau-Matahina 1 (KAW-MAT-1)


Kawerau-Matahina 2 (KAW-MAT-2


The file below contains the variable ratings that are being used on circuits.